Company policy

Our company, quality and environmental policies

We develop, produce and market our drive systems and drive solutions customized to the needs of our customers. It is our declared objective both to at least fully satisfy the needs of our customers, as well as to secure the economic survival and growth of our company.

To achieve this, we stand as a reliable partner to our customers, always seeking the most innovative and economical solutions. This is true both in the development and construction departments as well as in the production and all other company divisions. CIP is an integral part of our daily work.

At the same time, we always keep in mind the importance of protecting the environment and conserving our natural resources.

Our quality policy forms the working basis of each of our employees and is the basis for our success.

Ours are the following quality policy objectives and principles:

1. We want to satisfy our customers' needs better than the competition. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

2. We serve our internal and external customers friendly, punctually, in the agreed quality and quantity, and at the right place.

3. Throughout the development, the production and the distribution process, error prevention takes the precedence over error correction. Zero errors are our ultimate goal.

4. No one accepts errors in the preliminary stages throughout the entire value chain process nor do they pass on errors any further.

5. Each employee is responsible for the quality of their own work.

6. We furnish ourselves with the information we need to ensure the required quality autonomously. To be proactive is a matter of course for us.

7. All members of management take their responsibility seriously to be of example to their fellow employees and to conduct themselves accordingly. They make clear the company goals and support their employees wholeheartedly in the implementation.

8. We strive to sustain the motivation of our employees while advancing their instruction and training systematically.

9. We continually scrutinize our actions and our processes, as well as our managerial system for their effectiveness and their improvement (CIP).

10. We maintain an open and constructive communication with our suppliers and business partners. We take appropriate measures to enable them, too, to meet up with our quality standards.

We are committed to protecting the environment and using our knowledge and our solutions to make an effective contribution to environmental protection and to the conservation of our natural resources.

All of our staff take the environmental impact into account in every activity – throughout all processes and in the development of new products.

For us this means:

1. Making conservative use of natural resources

2. Developing new systems that take environmental aspects into account

3. Designing our manufacturing processes environmentally conscious

It is our objective to avoid or at least to minimize environmental impact.

In order to go beyond our company doors in the matter of environmental protection, we involve our suppliers and business partners in our environmental policy as well.